Right, so water. We all know we're in short supply. All we need just a little rain, right? El Niño will save us! Well, not really. Anyway though, we wanted to think about how much water one development like this might cost. So we ran some numbers. Then we cried. 

California's 2011 Department of Water Resources study says that the average California residential household uses... what?

Really? Ouch. So, even if these residents are good people and cut their 20% as mandated?


So, with that 20% reduction? That's just a measly little 380,749,824 gallons a year.


380,749,824 gallons a year


Even with water reclamation, drought resistant landscaping, and other aggressive measures that might result in another 20 - 30% reduction on top of that? The point is? It's a lot of water. Lots. As we all know, it doesn't just fall from the sky anymore. We have a problem.