Who are you people?

We're your neighbors, several generations of people who have lived and love the land historically known as "Greenspot." That means we hail from Redlands, Mentone, Yucaipa, Highland, and the Mill Creek Canyon communities, all of whom are adjacent to the proposed project. 

so... are you guys the union people?

This organization was founded by a 3rd generation resident of lower Mill Creek Canyon, and is managed and directed by residents only. We're not funded by any secret-squirrel organizations you've never heard of, and a few of us are union members - along with designers, teachers, real estate agents, developers (no really), construction and virtually every other industry you can think of. We're not hiding our agenda, our leadership, or getting paid to be here. 

Why are you opposed to more houses? 

We understand supply and demand, and the necessity for housing in California. However, we also recognize that infrastructure brings real costs to the community at large, and there are safe places to build and places that make us shake our heads in disbelief. We are not anti-development, many of us make our living as business people or working in the housing supply industries. That said? We know that you don't get open space back. That the sound of the boulders crashing down the canyon during a flash flood can be heard from a half mile away, and that this is a genuinely unsafe foundation for a community the size of Calimesa. The infrastructure demands on this peninsula of alluvial flood plain in a fire zone, on the San Andreas fault will be enormous, and far too costly in human lives and tax dollars to develop rashly. Combine that with the habitat for so many rare species and the water quality concerns on the Santa Ana river, we are strongly opposed to development in this space.