Who are you people?

We are a group of concerned citizens in and around the area historically known as "Greenspot," which touches the communities in and around Redlands, Highland, Yucaipa, Mentone, and Mill Creek Canyon communities. We are an unincorporated association with elected leadership, managed and fueled by volunteers who actually live in the area impacted by Harmony. We're not anti-development, but we do firmly believe that this stretch of land is not a safe place to build. We encourage smart, sustainable growth that also consists of urban renewal and job creation. There are countless opportunities in the adjacent areas that are not home to protected species and subject to catastrophic fires, floods, and earthquakes. This is our home and it has been for many generations - we know it and its peculiarities and risks well. We are concerned both for the current and future residents of the Greenspot area, and want to ensure that our community and neighbors remain safe. 


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