Unanimous Against the People

Well, with only one council member (Liburn) not in attendance, Highland's City Council just voted through the EIR unanimously. Apparently the list of more than 20 organizations and hundreds of citizens expressing their discontent only steeled their resolve, as we suspected. More than one long-term community advocate has told us they have never seen a city so completely determined despite such opposition - that they seemed impervious to the people and fixated on their goal at any cost. 

However, as a few of you have already guessed? They've underestimated the people, and the so-called "hayseeds and lowlifes" that surround this land. They continue to do so. We will not go away, and we will not stop fighting this egregious blight of a development that so clearly violates the will of the people and the very annexation agreement by which they took this land in the first place. 

SO. Lawyer up, so they say. However, we need your help to do so. This is a good case, a well-built one, and we are in this fight for the long haul. If the threat of displeasing their people didn't sway a lame-duck city council facing every seat in re-election in 90 days, then I know a few hayseeds who are just stubborn enough to hold them accountable. We need your continued support in this process, please consider giving today.