Are we men, or are we sheeple?

Well, we weren't exactly welcomed with open arms, warm fuzzies, and handshakes from the council and Mayor. After our right to applaud speakers was challenged (a controversial issue that has played out in Riverside and many other cities), we were lined up school-play style and ushered in and out for three minutes. Speakers were timed in a manner that varied widely, with starting points from the moment their names were called, sometimes when they reached the podium, or sometimes when they began speaking. The order of speakers was at the discretion of the Mayor according to staff, so we were not surprised our toxics findings were shuffled to the "oh lord, is there anyone ELSE we can let speak before we let that girl get started?" slot at the end of the evening. Regardless, we got several new substantial issues on the record, mostly around initial entitlements, hydrology, and toxic concerns. The meeting was continued until July 21st. 

So what's next? While we like to think they're deeply considering our comments over their morning coffee, some of us think it more likely a predictable flow chart is being followed. We'll show back up on the 21st and see, and continue to research and wait. The "public comments" period has closed, but there is some dispute under the law as to whether the administrative record is actually complete or not until the vote is taken (Public Resources Code § 21177(a). So, we'll continue to do our homework, and we ask you continue to do the following: contact your representatives and the press, and most importantly?

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