We're not nearly done. In the interim, here's a pillow.

We're not pleased the city chose to have their next meeting at the chambers again, let's hope this time they opt to bring more chairs. Are they planning on a low public turnout? Or did they not notice all of us standing and sitting?

Please plan to attend, and we ask two things of our friends and neighbors:

1) WEAR GREEN. A green shirt, head to toe green, paint your face green, whatever suits your fancy. We're going to opt for a green shirt, but we want the planning commission to look into an audience filled with grumpy greenspot supporters. 

2) BRING SEATING SUPPORT. Even if you find a seat, there may be someone behind you that doesn't have one. A pillow, a lawn chair, whatever it takes. If you'd like, we created some lovely pillows for use on our little web store here